Scratch Card

Scratch Card or Prepaid Phone Card :-

Raneja provides one-step solution to all your scratch cards production requirements. Using the latest print and personalization technology, we provides a secure and high quality scratch cards. Also we can combine excellent production technology with western countries’ production methodologies in a competitive price.

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 Non-standard Cards
Non-standard Cards

Non-standard cards refers to that which has different types and size from standard cards, it is one special card type. The shape can be quadrate, rectangle, elliptic, round etc. Raneja has so many different type moulds which can satisfy our customers’ different requirements and reduce the production cost. Even if your card shape is very special, we can produce the metal mould with low price for our customers.

Material : Plastic
Shape : according to customers’ requirements;
Thickness : according to customers’ requirements;
Cards can be made into any shape with characteristics;
Non-standard cards can be used as gift cards, member cards, hangtags, bookmarks and so on

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Luggage Tags

We do manufacture the luggage tags with various attractive sizes. These luggage tags contain the good printed images like company logo address and other related information. This is most powerful marketing tool available to your business this is simple, and effective advertising option that can help generate more business.

Raneja can reproduce beautiful, full color various shape luggage tags we can deliver beautiful luggage tags that are sure to grab attention and connect with your customers whatever your luggage tags needs, you can be confident that raneja will deliver professional results at the best price on time

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